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Wheatfield Church is set in old parkland, on the slope of a hillside leading northwards from the private road leading to what was  Wheatfield House. The house itself was destroyed in 1814, leaving only the old stable block in ruins, and it would appear these have now been renovated into new accommodation.

The church itself is, or was, mediaeval, but when the Rudge family purchased the Manor and the Estate in 1727, they added fenestrations [1] and a parapet to the walls, a classical entrance porch to the west end [2], four round-headed windows in each of the north and south walls, as well as the east and west windows.

3         4  
  The Rudges also updated the interior to the standards of the period, with a two-decker pulpit and box-pews of varying heights were added. 

The Rudge/Spencer pew is longitudinal along the south wall, and looks straight at the pulpit, which in turn stands in the north-east corner of the nave [4 & 6].

       5          6  

The other pews face towards the altar. Overlooking all is a large memorial
to John Rudge, by Scheemakers in 1739, in the 'Baroque' style. 

7         8  

The church is currently used as a store (2002) and there is much deposited in the pews and nave. However, candle-sticks with candles remain in place [3 & 4], and there is a semi-expectant air of a building waiting to be woken up. No key could be found to open the west door of the church, and ell that could be done was to take pictures through the dirty windows.  The results can be seen above, and give an indication of the glories which still lie within.

Dove's reference for the bells:

Blackbourton, Oxon, S Mary V (GF), 5, 6cwt in B flat. Anti-clockwise; unringable. 


In the centre of a field (previously parkland) to the north of the private road leading to the old mansion house.  

The church appears to be kept locked, and the key-holder was not specified on any visible notice board. (Sept. 2001)

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Photographs: © Edwin Macadam

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