St Katherine

The south side of St Katherine's Church, Teversal, Nottinghamshire


12th and 13th century. The church was restored in the 17th and 18th centuries, when its interior was refurbished. 

The west gallery has a "modest" organ, and there is solid, traditional, Anglican furnishing. The pulpit is low, for there were never side galleries, and the box-pews have seating strips of red baize. 

The Molyneux pew in the south aisle is roofed, and has barley-sugar columns; four red velvet cushions, emblazoned with a cross molin on a blue shield, are provided for the noble family; a 1784 Prayer Book and an 1822 Bible are covered in similar style. . . . 

In the choir are miniature three-a-side box-pews . . . there is a feeling of deep peace . . .


  "Teversal is a small village and parish, seated on a lofty eminence on the western border of the county, and near the source of the River Meden, four miles west by north of Mansfield. The parish, which has a number of scattered dwellings, abounds in coal and lime, and contains 373 inhabitants, and 2,550 acres of land; bounded on the north and west by Derbyshire, and including a small part (60a) of the park of Hardwick Hall, in that county. The whole, except 40 acres of glebe, belongs to the Earl of Carnarvon, who is also lord of the manor. The church, dedicated to St Catherine, has a tower and five bells, and was enlarged in 1617 by J. Molyneux Esq., who made a large vault under the south side, in which all his family are now gathered. The heiress of the late Sir P. Molyneux carried the estate into the present family. The rectory, valued in The King's books at 9 19s 2d, now 510, is in the gift of the Earl of Carnarvon, and incumbency of the Rev. John Charles Stapleton, for whom the Rev. George Frederick Morgan officiates. Dunsell, one and a quarter miles north; Fackley Lane, three quarters os a mile south west; Stanley, one mile west; and Whiteborough, two miles south west are four hamlets in this parish."
[White's Directory of Nottinghamshire 1853]


Dove's reference for the bells:

Teversal, Notts, S Katherine (GF), 5, 9cwt in A. 


Map reference : SK483619

Photographs:  ©  Heather Faulkes,  2002 

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