(Greater Manchester)
St Mary the Virgin

The Town and the Church

Much of Oldham's town centre architecture is Victorian. The original Town Hall, with its impressive facade, was built in 1841. It was from the Town Hall steps that Sir Winston Churchill made his inaugural acceptance speech when he was first elected as a Conservative MP in 1900.

Close by is Oldham Coliseum, the town's repertory theatre, together with the striking parish church of St Mary's, designed by local architect Richard Lane in crude Gothic style. The parish church was built in 1830 (but on all accounts this was a replacement for a former church which stood on the same site) and its interior was painstakingly restored to its original unusual design in 1974.

In 1827, Sir Charles Barry’s plans were rejected for the rebuilding of Oldham Parish Church. Barry eventually built the houses of Parliament. I wonder what these plans looked like, and what Oldham missed?!


Oldham_Parish_Ch02.jpg (148485 bytes)



Dove's reference for the bells:

[31/12/01] Oldham, Greater Manchester, S Mary V, 12, 35-0-4 in C. Also flat 6th. Tue  

Map reference : SD927051

Copy of postcard pictures from Phil Draper

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